MAXI 8Kg Washer/5Kg Dryer Combo Machine 80FWD-W


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  •      Color     Silver   
  •   Capacity (Wash / Dry) Kg     8 / 5   
  •   Spin Speed     1300 rpm   
  •   Auto Restart     Yes     
  • No. Of Programs     15    
  •  Energy Class     B     
  • ECO friendly     Yes    
  •  Snowflake Drum     Yes    
  •  1 Hour wash and Dry     Yes    
  •  Self Clean Reminder     Yes   
  •   Rated Power (Watt )     2050 W   
  •   Drying Power     1350 W

If there’s one household appliance most of us simply could not do without, it’s the clothes washer. If you’ve ever been without your machine for a few days or weeks, you’ll know just how hard it is to wash clothes by hand. Although clothes washers look pretty straightforward, they pull off a really clever trick
The Maxi washing machine Automatic Wash & Dry features
Basic Specification At a Glance

     Colour     Silver
     Capacity (Wash / Dry) Kg     8 / 5
     Spin Speed     1300 rpm
     Auto Restart     Yes
     No. Of Programs     15
     Energy Class     B
     ECO friendly     Yes
     Snowflake Drum     Yes
     1 Hour wash and Dry     Yes
     Self Clean Reminder     Yes
     Weight     74 Kg
     Dimensions (W*D*H )     595 * 565*850
     Rated Power (Watt )     2050 W
     Drying Power     1350 W
     Warranty     1 Year

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