MAXI 9.3KVA Gasoline Generator E75KWH


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Maxi Generator 75EK
Power       9.375KVA / 7.5 KW
Operate      Elegant Key
Coil      100 % Copper
Noise Reduction      Yes
Tank     25 Liter
AVR Voltage Regulator    Yes
Battery Included     Yes
Portable     Yes
Engine Oil Alert    Yes
Warranty      3 Months

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The MAXI Gasoline Generators is a 100% Copper coil and noise reduction enabled Gen set, that can be used for both home/garage, camping, convenient and portable power station, and as a strong power resource for welding.

All MAXI Generators have AVR Device that automatically regulates the voltage, OHV Engine providing perfect power. With its Engine Alert System, the unit is automatically protected from overload thus making MAXI Generators the best choice in the market with high efficiency

It also features  an easy start mechanism, low fuel consumption, outstanding performance and low maintenance cost.

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