MAXI 6.2KVA Gasoline Generator E50KWH


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Maxi Generator 50EK
Power     6.25KVA / 5 KW
Operate      Elegant Design with Key
Coil        100 % Copper
Noise Reduction      Yes
Tank      25 Liter
AVR Voltage Regulator      Yes
Battery Included     Yes
Portable Yes
Engine Oil Alert       Yes
Warranty       3 Months

generator with wheels and handles

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Introducing the powerful MAXIGEN EK50 Generator with wheels. This amazing generator adopts an advanced technology in design and performance peculiar only to the Maxi Brand.

We need power to get a lot of activities done at home and in the office. It is needed to keep your computers and other hardware needed for business running. You need power to pump water, for your washing machine, to iron you clothes and it is also needed in the kitchen.

The MAXIGEN EK50 Generator with wheels serves to be a reliable generator that ensures effective running of you home and office appliances.

The MAXIGEN EK50 Generator with wheels is a 6.2kva Generator that ensures maximum efficiency for your appliances and tools providing performance for your home or large business. it is cost effective and gives you value for your money, it is also very easy to maintain.

It features a 25 L FUEL TANK CAPACITY that makes it possible to use the generator for a very long period without interruptions. It is fuel efficient hence saving you more money and it produces less carbon dioxide, this makes it safer for you, your family and the environment.

The MAXIGEN EK50 Generator is built with 100% COPPER and equipped with LOW OIL WARNING SYSTEM that increases effectiveness and keeps your generator safe from serious damage.

The Copper coil guarantees effective run of the generator for over 24 hours. The low oil warning system continuously monitor the oil level in the generator and automatically shuts off the engine if the oil level goes below the safe limit. This is to keep your generator safe from any serious damage.

FUEL TYPE IS GASOLINE which is cost effective and readily available. This Generator works effectively for both domestic and commercially purposes. Using this generator in your work place would ensure increased productivity and efficient output from your workers.

The MAXIGEN EK50 Generator has a POWERFUL CAPACITY RATING OF 6.2KVA/5KW for the effective running of all your electronic devices. It is what you need when there’s a sudden power outage, so you wouldn’t miss that important goal scored or have a restless night because of the heat.

Well equipped with WHEELS AND HANDLES, this generator is lightweight allowing for easy carriage from one place to another. This generator has other built in features such as Automatic Voltage Regular (AVR) to regulate its voltage output, better engine vibration, excellent fuel efficiency, key start with battery option.

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