MAXI 8KG Automatic Washing Machine 80FAE06


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  •      Color     Dark Silver
  •      Capacity     8 KG
  •      Fully automatic Top Loader     Yes
  •      One touch smart wash     Yes
  •      Numbers of programs     8
  •      LED Display     Yes
  •      Metal lint filter     Yes
  •      Fast clean system     Yes
  •      Delay option     Yes
  •      ECO friendly     Yes
  •      warranty     1 Year
  •      Dimensions (mm):     515*525*910

If there’s one household appliance most of us simply could not do without, it’s the clothes washer. If you’ve ever been without your machine for a few days or weeks, you’ll know just how hard it is to wash clothes by hand. Although clothes washers look pretty straightforward, they pull off a really clever trick
The Maxi washing machine Automatic top loader 80FAE06 is one of the best washing machine, it’s hard on the stain but soft on your cloth. It’s affordable,reliable and trusted. It makes washing easy for you. With 1year warranty.
All washing machines have the same purpose – to wash clothes – but when you get into the details about the types of washing machines on the market, such as the difference between top load and front load washing machines, things get a little complicated. Find the right one for you.Choose Maxi Washing Machine Top Loader 80FAE06

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