LG 13Kg Deluxe Twin Tub Washing Machine With Roller Jet WP1461RC


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LG 13Kg TWIN TUB (Manual Top Loader) WASHING MACHINE  WM1460R
Height     1020mm
Width     880mm
Depth     530mm
Weight        30Kg (net)
Wash Capacity       11Kg Spin Capacity   10.5Kg
Energy Saving      Yes
Roller Jet       Yes
Water Selector      Yes
2 Sides Waterfall      Yes
Overflow Filter       Yes
Clean Lint filter        Yes


The LG 13Kg Twin Tub -Top Loader- Washing Machine WP1461R delivers amazing performance when it comes to dirty laundry. Its simple cool style lets you be in control of the whole operation with space that makes it possible for you to put in some number of clothes and easy to fix and operate manually.

Featuring three advanced wash cycles, energy saving technology, see-through designs and rust-proof plastic bodies.

Roller Jet Pulsator + punch
Two-Tone Body Design
3 Washing Programs(Gentle, Normal, Strong)
Over Flow Filter

Keep your clothes looking their best. With a twin tub washing machine from LG, you can save energy and enjoy a wide range of advanced features designed to make life good.

It Here is a free document download OWNER’S MANUAL

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